Minnehaha Butt-Burner




This beauty was derived from a GoRuck training workout and a four corners idea that I’d been tossing around. At Minnehaha Park in South Minneapolis, there are two sets of stairs that descend to a lower part of the park below the falls. We used these, but if you’re interested in trying this somewhere without staircases, you can certainly modify it with a sprint between locations.

I’m pleased to report that everyone was thoroughly pissed off at me after about 1.5 rounds.


Partner workout, 3 rounds (weighted / unweighted)

Rotating side plank pushups (10 / 20 reps)

*Bear crawl/sprint/carry

Squats (10 / 20)

Down stairs/sprint

Sit-ups (20 / 30)

Bear crawl/sprint/carry

Burpees (10 / 20)

Up stairs/sprint


*Start at same point. Partner 1 bear crawls toward next station, and partner 2 sprints 50 meters in the opposite direction, turning around and sprinting to catch partner 1. When caught, partner 2 carries partner 1 to next station.


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