Many Ladders (or Why Everyone Hated Me for a Week)

Last Saturday we did not have our weekly workout. *GASP* It happens occasionally when a critical mass of attendees or workout planners have an event. This past Saturday was Solcana CrossFit’s Thowdown for Trans Health, a fundraiser/CrossFit competition. You’ll get to hear all about it soon.

In the interim, below is a workout that we did a few months back. Actually, this is a scaled back version and may not have elicited the level of hate that I received. Our friend Christian still occasionally glares at me and mutters about doing 300-ish body weight squats (it was actually 275). Forgiveness isn’t really our lot’s strong suit. -Alice

Partner ladders (increase 1 rep)

How it works: Partner 1 does, say, one pull-up, then partner 2 does one pull-up. Partner 1 does two pull-ups, then partner 2 does two pull-ups. Et cetera.

1 – 5 pull-ups
5 – 10 burpees
10 – 15 sit-ups
15 – 20 body weight squats
20 – 25 jumping jacks

1 – 5 handstand push-ups (pike push-ups)
5 – 10 wall balls
10 – 15 back extensions
15 – 20 donkey kicks

1 – 5 explosive lunges
5 – 10 push-ups
10 – 15 KB swings

1 -5 turkish get-ups
5 – 10 leg tosses

1 – 5 Partner carrys (length of basketball court)


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