Sally’s Hero Workout

Last Friday, I walked into the gym after hitting submit on my first blog post ever (Maybe you read it. If not, you should). I went to the gym with an idea in mind for my workout, but walked into something both much better and much, much worse. Tim gave me my very own “hero” workout in honor of my dad. He so wonderfully titled it “BEACH.” I wanted to punch him and cry at the same time when I saw what it was:IMG_0565

Tim graciously loaded the bar with #145, and yes, we pretty much do know each other’s body weight—and calf measurements and a bunch of other measurements that friends don’t really need to know. He asked me what my dad’s age would be right now if he were alive and I replied “64, but his birthday is next month.” Tim wrote 65…Damn him. Always making it a challenge.

After round one, my butt and hamstrings were already burning. Round 2….this is not going to be pretty. Tim walked in and asked how it was going. I replied, “This is frickin’ HARD!!!” Guess what his response was? “It’s a hero workout; be a hero.” And he walked out of the room. WHAT!? Round 3 complete. Is my ass still even back there? Rounds 4 and 5 were an out of body experience because all of a sudden I was done. I COMPLETED IT!

At the end here are my totals:

  • 280kg of weight pulled
  • 100 yards of wall walks
  • 325 deadlifts at 145#
  • Time: 65 min with MAJOR kid interruptions  (insert fist shake here)

Brutal? Yes. Was I sore? Yes. Did I feel like a hero? Maybe. Was I proud? HELLS YES!!

Thanks Tim for the brutal love in honor of my Dad.


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