An Oldie but a Goodie

This past weekend many of us were knee deep in shit. Not literally, but we were covered with dirt, exhausted and thoroughly challenged doing the GoRuck Tough from Friday night to Saturday morning. Needless to say, we didn’t do our normal Saturday workout. Keep alert for that post because it will show how truly insane we are! If you have some time in the gym this week, try this. It’s a doozy, but awesome.


This is what Kathie said about the workout. But if you notice, she’s carrying a weight vest so she made the whole thing 20 lb harder. Can you say bad ass??

Phase 1 Weights:

  • Deadlifts 2×8
  • Front Squat 2×8
  • Thrusters 2×8

Phase 2 Circuit:

Triset 1 (AMRAP 5 min):

  • 10 Body Weight Squat
  • 10 Pushup
  • 10 Straight Leg Sit-ups

Triset 2 (AMRAP 5 min)

  • 10 Jump Lunge
  • 10 Inchworm Push-up
  • 20 Mountain Climbers (10 each leg)

Triset 3 (AMRAP 5min):

  • 10 High Knees
  • 10 Donkey Kicks
  • 10 Explosive Glute Bridge

Set 4 (AMRAP 5 min):

  • 10 Wide Stance Squats
  • 30 sec Plank

Phase 3 Sprints:

  • Death by Basketball Court*

Hope you hate it as much as we did!!!

*  Death by Basketball Court is an exercise where you do sprints of the basketball court EMOM (every minute on the minute) while adding one sprint each time. For example: Minute 1 = 1 bball court length, Minute 2 = 2 bball court lengths, Minute 3 = 3 bball court lengths….. You keep going until you can’t finish your required lengths within in the minute.


Abe, Nathan and myself…sweaty and happy post workout!


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