Transportation Log

As you may remember, two weekends ago a number of our lot undertook the GoRuck Tough challenge. Apparently, this was insufficient torture for us, so our Saturday workout involved carrying a VERY LARGE log (in fact, the same one that the team carried during said GoRuck) from its location on Nicollet Island to a new location midway to Brackett Park. Along the way we did PT, including eight-point body-builders (like a burpee with extra stuff), tricep dips, stairs, and partner push-up/claps. It took about two hours, and was fun. Kind of. Almost.

log carry

The first leg of our log carry. Next weekend, we’re going to attempt the final 3.5 miles to Brackett Park. Because we’re nuts.

Regardless of the fun factor, it was a beautiful morning. This video will help you feel like you’ve also been awake since 4:30, hauling a heavy thing for a mile and a half.


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