Transportation Log Part 2

Why? Why? Why are we moving this damn log? AGAIN!? Who knows… but we had a blast doing it. After a small adventure last Saturday in which we took her from Stone Arch Bridge to the Bohemian Flats, we had about three miles left to reach our destination Brackett Park.

The twelve of us met at the Bohemian Flats at 5am. It was a great day for carrying a log. That seems so silly to even say, but it was! Great temperature and the sun was just starting to rise over the Mississippi. We started down West River Road and made it to the Franklin Road closure where we had to evaluate where to haul this thing THROUGH the city.

Look at that team!

Look at that teamwork!

The first stoppage. Everyone is smiling!!!!

The first stoppage and everyone is smiling! What is Tim doing? Who knows what he is EVER doing!

After turning up the hill to the West Bank of the University of Minnesota, we had to wind our way through the Cedar/Riverside/Seward neighborhoods. There was really no good place to stash this thing at this point, so it was all in. Did we get a few stares as we waltzed through Minneapolis with a 1000 lb log? YOU BETCHA! I wish I had recordings of some of the comments people made as they walked/ran/biked/drove past.

Down Seabury Ave in Minneapolis we go. And what are the chances that this perfect little bit of graffiti just happened to appear as we were nearing our finish line.



We made it! We ARRIVED at Brackett Park shortly after 7am. Three miles in two hours. We carried this log from Boom Island to Brackett Park in three attempts over the course of about six hours. Not bad for a bunch of Y turds. Were there bruises? Yes. Were there some swear words? Fuck yeah. Were there some tears? Yes, but only from all the laughter!

Sometimes it’s not necessarily the workout that is worth getting up for. Sometimes the 5am wake up is about much more than fitness. It is spending the morning watching the sunrise over your beautiful city. It is walking through the city learning about all the little things that you never noticed before (Jesse Ventura Humpty Dumpty!). It is spending the morning hours with your greatest of friends telling stories and laughing so hard that you might (OK, did) pee your pants. It is doing something so silly that you can look back and laugh and wonder… why did we ever think this was a good idea?


Prepare to High Boat.


Let’s see if we can get the 1000+lb log to stand on end. Yeah… that seems like a good idea.


What’s next? It’s time to play with the log. What do we have in mind? You will have to come to Brackett next Saturday and find out. You never know… maybe there will be some tire flipping, muscle-ups and some tricep work too. I don’t know; not sure if we’ll have time. This log could entertain us for hours!


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