Partners in the Park

This Saturday’s workout was, by necessity, short and sweet. It was also very small, with only Abe and me showing up. A chunk of our normal crew was off in Wisconsin for the Blue Mound State Park trail run (aka, the cookie run), and I’m working on the assumption that the rest decided Saturday would be a great day to sleep in.

Sometimes, getting to a workout Saturday mornings can be a drag. Or so I’ve heard. This workout makes hauling yourself up and out of bed before the sun is up at least slightly easier. You know what they say, misery loves company.

What you need:

A partner and a playground

The Workout

Each team of two completes:

26 toe to bars (knee raises)
26 broad jumps
50 pull-ups (jumping or assisted)
50 push-ups
50 tricep dips
50 sit-up
50 side plank rotations
100 lunges (stationary, step-back), with each leg counting as one
100 squats


Abe’s dead hang

Hold as long as possible:

Dead hang
Elbow plank
Air squat
Hand stand




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