Monkey Bar Mayhem!

OK, so the monkey bars are a minor element of this four-station conditioning workout, but I couldn’t resist the alliteration. Give me a break.

This morning I managed to drag my husband out of the house and get him to work out with the crazies. He hasn’t come along to a Saturday workout for approximately six months, so this was a major coup for me. I’m not sure what the draw was this morning. Definitely not the monkey bars. Considering the general level of complaint and the fact that he skipped the final set of crawls, my guess is that he thinks I’ll quit bugging him to join us Saturdays when he’s not a work. Fat chance.

What you need:

1. A set of cones, an agility ladder, or some means of marking out space for agility and crawls. I don’t recommend bread crumbs; you remember what happened to Hansel and Gretel.

2. A playground with monkey bars.

The workout:

This is a full-body conditioning workout consisting of four stations. Each station gets 5 minutes with a minute or two break in between. We went through twice. For each station, cycle through the exercises as many times as possible in the 5-minute time frame.

Station 1: Agility (10-ish meters)

Run through cones (one step between each)
Run through cones (two steps between each)
Lateral (each side)
Hop forward/backward
Single leg hops (each leg)
In and out hops/steps

Station 2: Crawls (20-ish meters)

Forward bear crawl
Frog hop
Reverse bear crawl
Walking lunges

Station 3: Core

10 x sit-ups
10 x flags
10 x side plank rotation (10 each side)


Denise about to kill it on the monkey bars.

Station 4: Monkey bars


If someone in your crew can’t do monkey bars (like, if they’re recovering from surgery), add in 20 x jumping jacks, 20 x squats, and 20 x explosive bridges

Secret Station #5: Playground Equipment FUN

Seriously. Adults should spend more time on this stuff. It’s a blast.


Sally and Kathie romping on the tire swing. Note: Sally is still healing from surgery, thus the head gear; makes any excuses for not working out seem pretty lame, hu?



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