Life… Sometimes it gets in the way


Where have we been you ask? You name it, it’s probably happened to our group. Busy summer schedules, endless doctor appointments, work commitments, moving responsibilities… It’s life and sometimes it gets in the way of a normal routine.

We at Almost Abs have had very chaotic schedules the past few weeks with very few group workouts planned. Sad, but true. We are plugging away as best we can on our own trying to accomplish our personal goals when we CAN fit in. It is all we can do!

But that is what we have always said we are about. Real things. I have fed my children more peanut butter toast and popcorn for dinner the past two weeks than I think is allowed by social services. And you know what… It’s ok. I have had more days off or shortened workouts the past two weeks than I’ve had in the past two years… It’s ok. The most important part is to know and remind  yourself than when life allows you will come back. And that you have a group of important folks that will make you be accountable.

We will be back to our normal shenanigans really soon. We will be ready to kick butt, do burpees, and provide you with hopefully with some fitness entertainment. Until then, enjoy this:

Incline inside workout

goal: alternate 3 min running at a 15% incline (3-5mph) followed by a weighted exercise for 3 min. Remember 3 min is a long time to do repetitions so plan weight accordingly

  • Incline run
  • Leg press (hipsled)
  • Incline run
  • Calf raises
  • Incline run
  • Hamstring curl
  • Incline run
  • GHD oblique

Follow up:  27-21-14-7 reps (alternate between exercises)

  • TRX row
  • Thrusters at 65#

As usual, let us know what you think. May all your life situations allow you to workout as much as you want and eat what you need. We’ll see you back here soon!


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