Walk(s) of Strain

wpid-wp-1441973813311.jpegWhat can you do for one mile? I was amazed when I ran my first mile. That happened somewhere between couch to 5K attempt numbers 2 and 3.

The challenges keep coming across my plate. On Labor Day I attempted, with Denise and wpid-wp-1441973796818.jpegPorridge Joe (GoRuck veteran), a one mile overhead carry. My chosen burden a 45 lbs. plate. We used the Midtown YWCA’s adjacent indoor track which has very handy time clocks at either end.

Earlier this year on Valentines’s Day I completed a one mile bear crawl in the same space. I vow to make that an annual tradition.

Though previously planned, the inspiration for this challenge is to celebrate the Ranger school graduation of Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver, the first women to make through the grueling trial.wpid-wp-1441973876192.jpeg

The three of us followed our 25ish minute walks with farmer carries. Using a variety of weight from 25 to 45 lbs., we walked one mile around the track resulting in similar times.

We finished off with wall sits.

New annual tradition found!

Happy Labor Day everyone.



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