When Christian Plans a Workout…

Our friend Christian is great. He’s our favorite for many reasons: he’s super funny, his wife is cool as hell (hi, Danielle!), he’s got the best attitude ever, and he gives stellar hugs. Oh, and when he plans on Saturday, we’re guaranteed to have a super intense workout filled with crazy break-dancing-esque moves.

This past Saturday, Christian gave us two circuits along with kettle bell carries. We went through each twice for a heart-pounding thrill ride of a workout.

Circuit 1


What’s a 360 you might ask. We sure as hell did. Here’s Sally demoing:


Oops! We forgot to get video of someone doing an elevated bird dog. No, it’s not a late addition to the Kama Sutra; it’s a plank with opposite arm/leg raised and back knee bent. The idea, I guess, is you look like a pointer, but mostly you look like you’re trying really hard not to fall over.


Hand release on the dead stop push-ups. And for the jumping rope, you can do singles (like me) or double unders like Sally (who’s cuckoo).


Here are some more items requiring explanation. I’ll let Christian just show you how these are supposed to look because they truly defy words.

And the next one.


Stir the pot is similar to 360 only your arms are on the dolly instead of toes. It’s like a roll-out with obliques worked in. Watch Sally:

Squatting on the bosu is pretty easy, but Kathie does such a good job getting depth here it would be a shame not to share the video.

20160102_085038 (1)

And for the final station of this circuit, we have a couple more new(ish) exercises. The single leg box squat is just like a Bulgarian split squat, except there’s a jump at the end. Yeah. And the swipers? Well, they’re another of Christian’s crazy break-dancing moves.

But wait! There’s more…

Circuit 2

This was a quick circuit done with a partner. One partner holds a handstand against a wall while the other completes the lap then they switch.

10 meter reverse bear crawl
20 meter side shuffle (10 meters/side)
10 meter forward crab walk
20 meter sprint


First round: single kettle bell. 1/3 of distance farmer carry, 1/3 or distance shoulder level, and 1/3 of distance waiter carry.

Second round: two kettle bells. 1/3 of distance one arm waiter carry, one arm farmer’s carry; 1/3 of distance both arms shoulder level; 1/3 of distance one arm waiter carry, one arm farmer’s carry.

The distance on this is hard to gauge, but I think it’s around 1/6 of a mile. If you really feel like doing this, just pick a distance that seems challenging but doable.



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