Almost Abs: Who are We?

A collective narrative by the fit but real. Obviously. It says so right on the main blog page. But, what does that mean? Let’s break it down:

A collective narrative

At the core, we’re just a bunch of friends who met at the gym and decided to start a fitness blog. That is, of course, a gross oversimplification. What we really are is a team, a unit; indivisible even by half a continent (looking at you, Tim). We laugh together, we cry together, we have each others’ backs. When one (or more) of us take on a challenge, the rest are there cheering them on.

We each had individual journeys to get where we are. Everyone has a different voice and a different story, but as we’ve spent increasing (some may say insane) amounts of time together, our individual stories have merged into each other and become something more. Who we are as a group transcends who we are individually, and who we are as individuals transcends who we are as a group. As we post and you read, you’ll get to know us as individuals and also as a whole. You’ll see what we’ve learned: our strengths complement each others’ and we’re stronger together.

Fit but real

We are fit. Well, we’re running a fitness blog; if we weren’t it wouldn’t be terribly credible. But you won’t find stories of improbable transformation (Morbidly obese to bikini model! Couch potato to Crossfit Games competitor!), advice that assumes you’re independently wealthy or thinly veiled sales pitches here. Because we’re real.

We have day jobs, children, pets, spouses, and all the myriad responsibilities that you have. We also want to feed our families–and ourselves–nutritious, organic, home-cooked meals, but after a long day end up ordering pizza or offering children cold cereal. Like you, we miss workouts because of work responsibilities or just the allure of sleeping an extra hour. The challenges you face, are the same ones we face. And we are here to tell you how you can meet those challenges and still achieve your fitness goals. Because it is possible. We’re proof.



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