Adventures in Powerlifting: MEET DAY(s)

I'm a total deadbeat and never wrote about the Twin Cities Open, and now it's too late. Really, it is, because I can't tell you much about the actual day aside from it being fun and hectic and kind of disappointing results-wise. Being honest, that's the reason I never wrote about this meet. It's super disingenuous, … Continue reading Adventures in Powerlifting: MEET DAY(s)


Adventures in Powerlifting: Weeks 1-4

More than six weeks ago—pretty much the second I was finished with Ragnar and returned from Chicago—I started training for the Twin Cities Open powerlifitng meet. My coach Shawn broke up training into three main cycles: 4 weeks of strength building, 4 weeks peak, and 2 weeks taper. This first mini-cycle was relatively easy, and comprised of four … Continue reading Adventures in Powerlifting: Weeks 1-4