The Almost Abs Crew

Abram Isaacs

IMG_0769I like to wear a weight vest. I take pleasure in long bear crawls. Running stairs relaxes me. I like climbing trees. I can think of worse things than doing burpees. My family supports me, although my daughter calls running a colossal waste of time. At 40, I started running after someone at the gym encouraged me to try it.  He overheard me say I would never be a runner. He assured me I could do it. He hardly knew me yet he had confidence in me when I did not have it in myself. I ended up doing the couch to 5k five times before I finished without pain or injury. Since then, I have done several running and obstacle course races and have no plans to stop.

I have made many new friends through the intense exercise events I do. People say what I like to do for fun is extreme, but when I am at a Tough Mudder or an exchange in the middle of night during a Ragnar Relay, I feel calm and contented. I like being with people who enjoy the journey towards reaching a fitness goal.  To me it’s not goal but getting there that is meaningful.

We are all on different paths. I hope you find your path and stay on it.

You can go farther than you think you can.

Alice Kirchhoff

d05387I’m Alice and I sit at a desk. All. Day. Long. My marketing job is stressful and sedentary, and working out keeps me sane. But more than that, I am continually impressed with the things my body can do and motivated to attack new, harder challenges. Fitness for me is not about how I look or what I weigh; it’s about the things I can achieve.

Some stuff about me: I’m a competitive powerlifter with dreams of a 2x body-weight  deadlift, an underwhelming distance runner, a beer snob, a bicycle commuter (in the summer anyway), a Liverpool FC etpnutritioncert2supporter (go you Reds!), and a dog lover. I’m also a certified Eat to Perform nutrition coach. Oh, and I swear like a sailor. Fair warning. When I’m not working or at the gym, I’m either eating or sleeping.

Denise Piotrowski

IMG_0041I am Denise and I am a recovered alcoholic single mom of a transgender 13-year-old with an anxiety disorder (and you can read that as either one has the anxiety disorder). When I say working out is absolutely essential to my mental stability, I am not exaggerating. While that may explain why I work out, it doesn’t explain why I work out the way I do. And I can only explain that by confessing that I LOVE it and I love the people who do it with me! A lot of what we do terrifies me. As a child and for most of my adult life, I was not interested in physical challenges of any kind. But nothing compares to the exhilaration of performing a clean at a weight you would not have considered possible a year ago, or doing your first pull-up, or climbing a 12-foot wall despite almost paralyzing fear, all the while listening to your best friends in the world cheering you on. And then turning around to do the same for them as they accomplish some equally amazing feat!

Kathie Smith

IMG_0239I’m an organic produce buyer by day and film programmer, critic and projectionist by night. Powering through middle age might be one motivation for working out, but doing crazy shit with my besties keeps the calluses on my hands and my hamstrings sore. I did my first Ragnar and Tough Mudder in 2014, and I have no intention of looking back.

Sally Hersrud

14321_10152824971052510_1761153177958978155_nHi. My name is Sally. I am mom to three boys (ages 7/5/3). My husband and I collectively call them “the rowdy boys” and in most situations refer to them as 1-2-3. But that is not all I am. I am a wife, daughter, friend, athlete, student, gym rat, and sister.

I love my time at the gym and seeing the progress I’ve achieved since having my kids. I love seeing their love for exercise come through me. However, I also like pizza. And buffalo wings. And other things that aren’t good for you (did I mention buffalo wings?). That’s the reason for the blog. I’m fit. I’m healthy. I’m strong. But I’m real. I’m a real person with a real life that comes with real triumphs and troubles. And maybe someday I will have a six pack but until then, I’m happy with “almost abs”.

Tim Pearson

IMG_0547I’m the trainer. I’ve been working with all of these guys for several years; individually, in small group classes, and through our weekly workout date on Saturday mornings. The time I’ve put in with them has rendered me superfluous. Which is probably good, seeing as I’m abandoning my friends and clients to move across the country to Vermont, leaving them to work out in pools of their tears.

I love working with all people whether it’s to get in shape, to become a healthier individual or to compete in athletics. I believe fitness should be an important part of everyone’s life because it has so many benefits. For me, exercise is fun and I enjoy it — that’s what I want people to experience.


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